Keith Jarrett Piano Solo


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The “SOLO” is back!

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JULY 8th, 2014


Venezia Jazz Festival 2014

Keith Jarrett returns to Venice. After thedissolution of the legendary trio with Gary Peacock and Jack De Jonehette, the American composer and pianist opens a new creative phase. His new artistic path has already created great excitement among fans that on July 8, 2014 they will be able to attend a very special event which is the second preview of the seventh edition of the 2014 Venice Jazz Festival. Jarrett, years ago, declared that his best performances have come on occasions when started with no preconceptions about what he was about to play. Rumors in the industry are saying that historic record label ECM loved Jarrett and that this year could bring out the longawaited recording of the concert in Piano Solo that was held in Venice, at the Gran Teatro La Fenice in 2006, which during the historic concert the pianist gave an incredible four encore songs in a totally acoustic performance.

Tickets Prices:

Buca, Platea, Palchi Centrali I, II, III ordine parapetto: 140 € + advance sale
Palchi Centrali I, II, III ordine dietro: 120 € + advance sale
Palchi laterali I, II, III ordine parapetto: 120 € + advance sale
Galleria e Loggione Centrale: 90 € + advance sale
Palchi lateriali I,II,III ordine, Galleria, Loggione scarsa visibilità: 70 € + advance sale
Palchi lateriali I,II,III ordine, Galleria, Loggione ascolto: 40 € + advance sale


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